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"Pride At Washington School"

The P.A.W.S. program is a way to recognize and encourage positive attitudes and outstanding actions at Washington Elementary School. Students who demonstrate extraordinary responsibility, respect for themselves and others, and rise above challenges will be nominated by faculty and staff to receive this award. The student's name and picture will be placed in the main lobby of the school.
Congratulations to the following students for winning a PAWS Award this month:
APRIL 2017
Kindergarten:  Ambrose Vallejos and Angelina Marichal
Grade 1:  Sophia Cerqueira and Katelyn Kanumilli
Grade 2:  Owen Nazaruk and Mia Pena
Grade 3:  Alyssa Scott and Erin Tanganon
Grade 4:  Robert Gable and Harrison Munt
MARCH 2017
Kindergarten:  Jovanni Zyska and Jayden Georgue
Grade 1:  Carina DeDeo and Caleb Ali
Grade 2:  Liana Fontes and Caroline Bevensee
Grade 3:  Thomas Holder and Tyler Zawacki
Grade 4:  Andres Vallejos and George Asante
Kindergarten:  Sebastian Mapue and Lamar Odeh
Grade 1:  Chukwuebuka Eze and Tyler Grier-Hardman
Grade 2:  Alex Perez and Evan Casey
Grade 3:  Thomas Valente and Tyshawn Hairston
Grade 4:  Andrew Paterek and Ian Acevedo
Kindergarten:  Andrew Verma and Cassidy Sinnott
Grade 1:  Peter Quezada and David Johnson
Grade 2:  Caroline Bevensee and Jayden Borges
Grade 3:  Malayna Grilo and Brandon Capili
Grade 4:  Sloan Pello and Dallye Villela
Kindergarten:  Anthony Borrero and Mackenzie Gaudin
Grade 1:  Julianna Vidal and Kamiya Slater
Grade 2:  Alexa Teixeira and Musa Safdar
Grade 3:  Aaron Acevedo and Mia Saco
Grade 4:  Tiffany Morales and Aidan Acevedo
Kindergarten:  Khloe Ferraz and Sophia Mendes
Grade 1:  Darleen Ransom and Sophia Cerqueira
Grade 2:  Seanan Mendoza and Shiloh Arrington
Grade 3:  Ezekiel Nicolas and Ethan DeLeon
Grade 4:  Lakota Boyd and Karly Dao
Pre-Kindergarten:  Daniel Lopez, Gia Borys, Gianna Ferreira and Andy Chen
Kindergarten:  Angelina Marichal and Katelynn Salamanca
Grade 1:  Megan McLaughlin and Chukwuebuka Eze
Grade 2:  Samah Francois and Jayden Borges 
Grade 3:  Angelina Baquero and Keith Zeballos
Grade 4:  Sloan Pello and Jordan Torres