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The P.A.W.S. program is a way to recognize and encourage positive attitudes and outstanding actions at Washington Elementary School. Students who demonstrate extraordinary responsibility, respect for themselves and others, and rise above challenges will be nominated by faculty and staff to receive this award. The student's name and picture will be placed in the main lobby of the school.
Congratulations to the following students for winning a PAWS Award this month:
JUNE 2018
Pre-Kindergarten: Madeline Viegas and Callen Bracht
Kindergarten: Andre Martinez and Liana Krukowski
Grade 1: Elysa Sales and Andres Rojas
Grade 2: Travis Figueiredo and Chukwuebuka Eze 
Grade 3: Lyla Kimmerling and Amelie Castro
Grade 4: Maya Filian and Mylee De Las Casas
Kindergarten: Miranda Khaled and Deanna Borrero
Grade 1: Julia Turek and Isabella Paredes
Grade 2:  Cristian Hargrove and Rafael Garcia E Bras
Grade 3: Alex Silva and Michael Heaton
Grade 4: Sebastian Russ and Thomas Valente
MARCH 2018
Pre-Kindergarten: Michael Riley
Kindergarten: Jonathan Saint and Yousef Hmadi
Grade 1: Dylan Antoniades and Amiyah Lowe
Grade 2:  Andjenhaya Joseph and Lauren Cimeus
Grade 3: Valentina Pieper and Vasileios Koukoutsis
Grade 4: Adrian Guzman and Kiera Duffy
Kindergarten: Ray Ragucci and Kylie Saez
Grade 1: Tatianna Forbes and Andrew Arteaga
Grade 2:  Shamal George and Yvette Vazquez
Grade 3: Jillian Goldberg and Carmine Carmona
Grade 4: Jayden Walton and Angelina Baquero
Kindergarten: Christopher Ehrhardt and Yousef Hmadi
Grade 1: Lana Osman and Mackenzie Gaudin
Grade 2: Daniel Januario and Chukwuebuka Eze
Grade 3: Quintin Clemons and Eva Puglisi
Grade 4: Anthony Diaz and Jayla Calhoun
Kindergarten: Alexander Cora and Davien Baez
Grade 1: Mia Chrzanowski and Gabriela DeSousa    
Grade 2: Ava Alves and Justin Ferraz
Grade 3: Elleese Ellington and Kayla Chmiel
Grade 4: Edward Ribardo and Joseph Emmanuel
Kindergarten: Skylar Xavier and Massimo Santiago
Grade 1: Brianna Velecela and Valerie Garcia  
Grade 2: Gianluca Baquero and Nicholas Butter
Grade 3: Jayden Brochado and Jillian Goldberg
Grade 4: Hannah Le and Daniel Pereira