The P.A.W.S. program is a way to recognize and encourage positive attitudes and outstanding actions at Washington Elementary School. Students who demonstrate extraordinary responsibility, respect for themselves and others, and rise above challenges will be nominated by faculty and staff to receive this award. The student's name and picture will be placed in the main lobby of the school.
Congratulations to the following students for winning a PAWS Award this month:
bucket full of stars labeled bucket friend
November, 2018
Kindergarten:  Harrison Fairchild
Grade 1:  Jordyn Torres
Grade 2:  Ethan Romero
Grade 3:  Joey Prata
Grade 4:  Maya Mathew
Kindergarten:  Andy Chew
Grade 1:  Brendan Curry
Grade 2:  Amiyah Lowe
Grade 3:  Awab Alkhier
Grade 4:  Ryan Gable
 ***Highest Totals of PAW award per class***
        Kindergarten:  Mrs. McDonough's
               Grade 1:  Mrs. Wiggins's
                 Grade 2:  Mrs. Diaz's
             Grade 3:  Mrs. Corveleyn's 
                Grade 4:  Mr. Penny's