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Media Center Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Ms. Lynne Mancinelli, Librarian
Mrs. Barbara Masko, Media Center Clerk
Online Catalog           Kids' Catalog

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Borrowing Information
Kindergarten —1 Book
1st Grade — 1 Book
2nd Grade — 2 Books or 1 Book and 1 Magazine
3rd Grade — 2 Books or 1 Book and 1 Magazine
4th Grade — 3 Books or 2 Books and 1 Magazine
Books are due by the date stamped in the back of the book. Books not returned on time will result in a 5 cent fine for each school day overdue. There is no charge for days absent from school.

The borrower is responsible for all lost or damaged books! All fines must be paid in cash;
no checks will be accepted.

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- Handle books with care.
- Keep books in a safe place away from little brothers, sisters and pets.
- Always have clean hands when reading your book.
- Turn the pages from top right hand corner.
- Hold the book with your hands when reading.
- Use a bookmark to save your place.
- Never write or color in a book.
- Never put a book near food.
- Never bend or tear pages of a book.
- Never let your book get wet.
- Never lend your book to anyone else.
- Always return books on time.